Lines of Effort

The finance & comptroller community enables building The Army of 2030 through our stewardship strategy, workforce excellence and initiatives. Our stewardship strategy consists of the Army Financial Management Strategy 2028 (AFMS28) and the FY23 Campaign Plan.

AFMS28 directly supports Army priorities and aligns with DoD FM Strategy FY22-26. The Campaign Plan discusses FM&C’s 4 primary Lines of Effort. Each LOE consists of executable initiatives with desired outcomes that will help achieve FM&C’s strategic goals.

The following cards provide an overview of each of these LOEs.

Line of Effort 1: Enable the FM Workforce with Tools and Training.
Line of Effort 2: Effectively Resource the Army.
Line of Effort 3: Improve Financial Operations and Achieve Sustainable Auditability.
Line of Effort 4: Enhance and Embrace Essential FM Systems.