COL Jeremy Foot
Mr. Stephen B. Loftus
Mr. Michael A. Ramsey
Jonathan Moak, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller)
Armed Forces Comptroller magazine, Fall 2019
Mr. Greg Schmalfeldt
Mr. David Lamb
Lt. Gen. Thomas Horlander outlines the Army's fiscal 2017 budget during a briefing at the Pentagon on Feb. 9, 2016
US Army’s comptroller on managing the budget of the largest armed service
Mr. Daniel Garrido
COL Brian A. Smith
FY 2018 Assistant Secretary of the Army, Financial Management and Comptroller Outstanding Financial Management Team Award
(Army Command Level)
LTG Horlander KOCO Interview
Soldiers with 75th Ranger Regiment
Low crawl trainees
Idaho Live fire gunnery
Green Beret snipers
U.S. Army AH-64 Apache helicopter,
116th Cavalry Regiment
M1A2 Abrams tank