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LTG Thomas A. Horlander was the key note speaker at the renaming ceremony of the United States Army Finance and Comptroller School (FCS) on Oct. 18, 2019. Colonel Rick Hoerner, FCS Commandant made opening remarks at the event to about 250 Soldiers and Civilians at Fort Jackson, S.C.

By ASA FM&C Strategic Communications | Oct. 29, 2019

Pentagon — Colonel Rick Hoerner, Commandant of the United States Army Finance and Comptroller School at Fort Jackson, S.C. addressed about 250 Finance Soldiers on Oct. 18, 2019. He told the group, " This branch is changing and the school is changing because the world has changed and it continues to evolve every single day"..."And as resources are constrained, we must fully empower our commanders to optimize their funding in order to modernize our force to deter our enemies, and fight and destroy them if called upon. In 2008, the Army merged the Finance Branch with the Functional Area Comptrollers to become Financial Management. This was all done, but in essence we remained stove-piped with Finance Units conducting Finance Operations and Comptrollers executing Army funding and budgets. We said we were one, but essentially we were two different career paths within one branch. So as the world has changed, and the Army has changed, so must we." More...