DFAS 7097.01 Manual

As of 30 June 2022, the DFAS 7097 Manual will be removed from this website and will transition to the SFIS Values Library in its current format: https://beis-web.csd.disa.mil/sfis-library/ >> left side of page, click 7097 >> DFAS 7097.01 Manual. CAC required

The DFAS 7097 Manual, in its current form, is already located at its new location listed above and can now be used to familiarize yourself prior to 30 June.

For more information and training on STANDARD FINANCIAL INFORMATION STRUCTURE (SFIS), please visit the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (DCFO) website at: https://comptroller.defense.gov/ODCFO/sfis/

All CAC-enabled users have access and do not need to submit any access forms. Please contact dfas.indianapolis-in.jab.mbx.dfas-in-fiscal-code@mail.mil if you have any questions or concerns with this change.

Financial Management Departmental Reporting Manual for Office of the Secretary of Defense (Treasury Index 97) Appropriations. In order to improve Treasury Index 97 accounting processes, DFAS Manual 7097.01 is being republished. The manual provides standard data elements, descriptions and a standard coding structure to be used for funds control and distribution, as well as budget execution entities (DoD agencies, DFAS centers, etc.) required to report departmental level TI 97 data to DFAS.