DFAS 7097.01 Manual

30 June 2022, the DFAS 7097 Manual has been removed from this website and has transitioned to the SFIS Values Library: https://beis-web.csd.disa.mil/sfis-library/ >> left side of page, click 7097 >> DFAS 7097.01 Manual. CAC required

For more information and training on STANDARD FINANCIAL INFORMATION STRUCTURE (SFIS), please visit the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (DCFO) website at: https://comptroller.defense.gov/ODCFO/sfis/

All CAC-enabled users have access and do not need to submit any access forms. Please contact dfas.indianapolis-in.jab.mbx.dfas-in-fiscal-code@mail.mil if you have any questions or concerns with this change.

This webpage will be removed from the ASA(FM&C) website on 30 September 2022.