CBA Training: 4-Hour Course Description


The 4-Hour CBA course provides an overview for Army analysts who prepare and review CBAs, and decision makers who use CBAs to make resource-informed decisions.

Course Schedule for the 4-Hour CBA Course

If you want to attend the 4-Hour training class, please contact the CBA Training Administrator, Mr. Matthew Franklin at 703-614-7827 or

Program of Instruction (POI) or CBA 4-Hour Course - (CAC Required)

     00 Read Me - How to Use the CBA Tng Files 20121129
     01 CBA Training Brief 20121129
     02 APS PE Case Study 20111116
     03 APS PE Questions 20111116
     04 APS PE Answers 20111116
     05 APS PE Back-Up Documentation 20111116
     06 APS Narrative CBA 20111116
     07 APS Briefing 20111116
     08 CBA Training Survey 2010-04-12
     09 Div of Labor - Two Briefers 20121129