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Financial Operations (FO)

pic of Ms Laura N. Jankovich, DASA, Financial Operations, go to bio

26 January 2010 The Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Operations) (DASA-FO) is responsible for policies, procedures, programs and systems pertaining to finance and accounting activities and operations, Army financial management systems and data integration activities, Army programs for internal control, internal review and audit compliance, the Army Travel Charge Card, fraud, waste and abuse, and other management evaluation activities.

What's New
    FY15 Army DTS Training Schedule2/4/2015   
    MICP: Inventory of Internal Control Evaluations2/4/2015   
    MCIP-SLSG/SAT Bfg: FY15 2nd Quarter1/27/2015   
    MICP CBT Instructions12/10/2014   
    MICP-CurrentYrGd: TAB A11/18/2014   

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